J.C. Broderick & Associates Inc

December 19, 2018
Mr. Michael Alexander
Lakeview Public Library
1120 Woodfield Road
Rockville Center, New York 11570
Re: Asbestos Abatement Project Clearance Air Sampling Report
Minor Abatement Project of Ceiling Plaster
Lakeview Public Library
1st Floor Elevator Lobby
JCB#: 18-42119
Dear Mr. Alexander:

J.C. Broderick & Associates, Inc (JCB), a New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) Licensed Asbestos Air Monitoring Firm, performed clearance air sampling for the above referenced abatement project. The air sampling was performed by a Certified Asbestos Air Sampling Technician in accordance with New York State Industrial Code Rule 56 56-9.2(d) (NYS ICR 56), as applicable.
The samples were collected, chain of custody forms prepared and delivered to EMSL Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (EMSL) for analysis. EMSL is an independent environmental laboratory accredited by the New York State Department of Health, Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP), the United States Department of Commerce, National Voluntary Laboratory Approval Program (NVLAP) and AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Program.
The samples were analyzed by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) utilizing NISOH Method 7400, A Rules, Revision 3, Issue 2 (8/15/94).
The report prepared by EMSL indicate that the sample analysis results satisfies the clearance air criteria established by NYS DOL.
If you have any questions, or if more information is needed please call.
Meghan Gwynn
Meghan Gwynn
J.C. Broderick & Associates, Inc.