Annals of American History

Annals of American History Online explores the rich and varied history of the United States.  Provides a year-by-year documentary of American thought and action.  Read the original words of more than 1,500 authors who made and analyzed American history through their speeches, writings, memoirs, poems, and interviews.

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History Reference Center

Features the full text of more than 650 historical encyclopedias and other non-fiction books, as well as nearly 60 leading history periodicals; historical documents, biographies of historical figures, historical photos and maps; and hours of historical film and video.

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New York Times Historical

Includes all the articles published since the first issue of the paper in 1851. Provides full text and full image articles with digital reproductions of every page, every article and every issue in PDF format. In addition to news stories, includes editorials, letters to the editor, obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, photos, and advertisements.

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Salem History

Several history databases, including: Milestone Documents in American History, The Sixties in America, The Nineties in America, Great Lives from History: The Ancient World, G reat Events from History:  The Ancient World, The Middle Ages, and Encyclopedia of American Immigration.

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